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Connected Family Fun, LA: OUE Skyslide

OUE Skyspace and OUE SkyslideView of several LA skyscrapers looking up from the street just off the metro stop on the way to OUE Skyslide, LA.

This adventure is one of a kind. Let's take off to the OUE Skyspace and OUE Skyslide, LA! View coming up the metro escalator with view of tall sky scrapers and blue sky. To get to the OUE Skyslide, I recommend taking the metro to Pershing Square. It is just a few blocks to the OUE Skyslide, located at the top of the US Bank Tower in LA's financial district.Sign sayin OUE SKYSPACE in front of OUE Skyslide lookin up the building to the top against the blue sky.

Planning Your Adventure in the Sky

I was able to plan my visit just in time for the sun to set. Of course, you need a clear day, no matter what time you go, in order to take advantage of the spectacular views. You can visit the attraction's website forOne thousand foot tall sky scraper, OUE Skyslide, LA, viewed from the ground with aqua blue windows against the bright blue sky. more information on how to plan your adventure. The OUE Skyslide and the OUE Skyspace surrounding it, transport you nearly 1,000 feet atop the quintessential LA highrise that dominates the skyline; the US Bank Tower. The US Bank Tower is the highest building west of the Mississippi. Yes, if you dare, you will be riding an express elevator nearly to the top. You will step out onto the 54th floor. There, you will have the opportunity to explore various kind of family-friendly, interactive activities.

LA Movie Time

First, you will walk through a darkened viewing room. A time-lapsed projection of the LA skyline surrounds your family. Witness LA during the busy, bustling day, through sunset and into the night as the lights come up on the city and the marine layer rolls by. You will be excited to go see the real thing, but I encourage you to stay and experience the entire movie. You will feel like you are floating through the LA night in a hot air balloon!

Illusions and Lessons

Next, you will step into an even darker room, but be careful where you step. Just past the doorway is a hole in the floor.  Well, not actually a hole, but an optical illusion which leads you to believe you might fall all the way down to the bottom of the tower. Take a minute and step right into the hole. It is a thrilling illusion.Pair of legs standing on mirror with multi-colored lights, giving the illusion that one can see all the way down 70 flights at OUE Skyslide, lA. Then, just past the cascading lights, you and your family can enjoy getting your picture taken, in pixels. Just as the image appears, however, it begins to disappear. Together, you can watch your tiny dots float off into the ethos. A top a skyscraper view of the sprawling city of LA with city buildings seen all the way to the horizon against a blue sky.After the darkened rooms, you will be drawn into a walk down memory lane and, don't forget to look down. Hollywood-type stars filled with trivia, line the path; little tidbits of information about our most memorable LA Stars and events. This part of the attraction is also a history lesson, as the walls tell some of LA's best stories.

The Big Reveal

Next, you arrive at another elevator which will take you to the 70th floor of the 71-floor skyscraper. The door opens toPink ad orange unset view from LA skyscraper looking across the city covered in fog at Hollywood sign sticking up through the clouds. windows from the ceiling to floor, with a dramatic 360-degree view of the City of Angels. If you are a little skittish with heights, you can take in all the sights safely indoors. There are even a cafe and cozy areas for more quiet viewing and enjoying a bite to eat. I do recall that there was even a bar, but you won't need a drink to feel dizzy. Skyscraper view atop the OUE Skyslide of LA city skyscrapers as the lights come on at sunset with pink horizon and deep blue sky. Finally, you will arrive at the OUE Skyslide staging area.  You will need to gather the courage to scoot yourself over the edge at the top of the slide, hold on tight to your rug and take off. It is your own private magic carpet ride. No phones allowed, for safety reasons. Plus, you don't want to miss a thing! You will slide 45 feet from the 70th floor to the 69th floor in a fully enclosed, 1-1/4" thick, plexiglass slide. Believe it or not,  the OUE Skyslide wraps around the outside of the building, 1,000 feet off the ground! That is right, you will slide down the outside of the skyscraper in a clear slide! Don't hesitate to holler to your family member atDark body image against the twinkling lights at sunset on outdoor, clear, enclosed slide on the outside of LA skyscraper at OUE Skyslide, LA. the bottom to take a video of your graceful entrance. Check out the video of me flying above LA on the OUE Skyslide!  The slide deposits you safely on the solid, yet cushioned ground of an outdoor observation terrace.  It was an absolute 20-second blast! Don't blink! From the 69th floor, you can explore two outdoor viewing areas, with spectacular views of the city. With good timing, you can ride the OUE Skyslide skyscraper view of the sun setting over LA just s the tip of the bright yellow ball drops below the horizon.slide as the sun sets. Later, you and your family can linger on the observation decks, to watch the city lights come up. For me, this is truly the best part. As the glimmering lights of the city at night flickered on, a sensation that the city is truly a living creature may come upon you. There is nothing like it. You can stay on the observation deck as long as you like. There is so much to see, especially for LA lovers.  It will be hard to pull yourself away. Comfortable lounge couches are provided on the viewing decks where you can relax and take it all in.

Let's Connect

#1 Confronting the Worry Monster

In Dan Peter's book, "From Worrier to Warrior: A Guide to Conquering Your Fears," children are introduced to the Worry Monster. You and your kids can have a look at the Worry Monster here  The Worry Monster helps kids and their parents learn all sorts of ways to tackle their worries and fears. On this Connected Family Fun, LA adventure to the OUE Skyslide, several worries might surface for kids, and maybe even parents.Panoramic view on top of the OUE Skyslide looking out over the city of LA at bright, yellow sun as it sets. First of all, there could be some anxiety on the metro ride, then walking the city blocks to the OUE Skyslide. Second, the trip up the express elevator to the top could be quiet full of other adventure goers and feel confining. Third,  many folks have a fear of heights. These are all situations where the Worry Monster could try to fake you out and prevent you from having fun with your family. As parents, helping your children tackle the Worry Monster and practice scary behaviors may be challenging, but doing so could help to build trust with your children and create closer, more connected relationships. There are so many opportunities for you to build a sense of safety with your children on this outing, contributing to attachment and View from the observation platform looking up at the top of a the OUE Skyslide US Bank Tower with blue windows set in concrete against the blue sky.bonding. I recommend hand holding, especially of the younger ones. Staying physically connected helps your child know that you are there for them and that you are on their team. Together, you can fight the Worry Monster. It is also a good idea on this outing to talk with your kids about what they are thinking and any fears they might be experiencing.  Take the opportunity to reassure them that they are ok, that you will protect them and that they are safe. The goal is to identify the thoughts that feed the Worry Monster and help replace those negative thoughts with more healthier ideas like, "It is impossible for me to fall through 1-1/4 inch thick plexiglass." Remeber with anxiety, it is practice, practice, practice.  

#2 Connecting to Family History

There are great opportunities on this OUE Skyslide adventure to talk about how your family is connected.  As you walk through the exhibit that displays the history of LA and historic events in the city, take the time to remember the history of your own family. Just like the city of LA, your family has a story too. What are your favorite or memorable family experiences? What moments tie you together? This is another way to reassure children that you will be a family for the long haul, just like LA has long, exciting history. This message is especially helpful for the adopted child. Caucasian women with long dark hair poses in front of angle wings painted on clear plastic wall on observation deck at OUE Skyslide, LA, overlooking the city at dusk.Family history is not just written about your immediate family. We all come from very rich and often complicated families of origin. Often the deeply meaningful traditions and rituals in families have been passed down from generation to generation. What are your traditions? What rituals do you and your kids look forward to every year? At my house, when my girls were little, they used to "open" Christmas with a magic, gold, glittery key. Together, they would hold the key, insert it into the tree, and "turn on" Christmas. Magically, all the lights would come on. It still seems magical to this day. Although my girls are all grown now, they still fondly remember this tradition. It helps to tie them together through the memories and magic of this childhood holiday ritual. I often wonder if they will continue the turn of the magic key with their own families. What kind of magical memories are you creating for your family?  

#3 Connecting to the Human Family

It is practically impossible to stand on the OUE Skyslide observation deck and not wonder what all the people are doing down there. It is pretty incredible to imagine the many different kinds of families hustling and bustling about in the city. Take a moment and ask your kids what they imagine all those people and families might be doing. How are they like your family? How are they different? Standing at the top of the world, you can explore with your children how we are all connected as part of the human family.Red umbrella with the writing "OUE SKYSPACE" against the mirrored downtown LA building at street level at dusk. What does it mean to your family to be part of something so big and wonderful? How does your family fit in? Do such wonderings inspire empathy and compassion? Maybe talk with your family about ways you can care for or be of service to other members of your human family. Family service and volunteering are activities that unite families. Such rich experiences bring families closer together, create chapters for your family scrapbook and generate a little more kindness in the world; something we could all use a little bit more of.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear about your Connected Family Fun, LA adventure to the OUE Skyslid and OUE Skyspace, LA.  Feel free to leave a reply in the "Comments" below. I bet you had some unique experience, ideas for activities or games, or other ways to make this outing more connected and meaningful that you could share with other families. By sharing your ideas, others can enrich their family outing. Together, we can all make families more connected and rich in memories.

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