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Counseling for Gifted Students’ Parents

Counseling for gifted students parents' is a must. As the parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional (2e) child, you are the one who manages everything. With every meltdown and slammed door, you lose more of who you are. There is rarely a peaceful moment and it is taking its toll on your own well being. You feel something is wrong with you.

Even though you have been at this for years, you lose your temper and patience more than you would like. It leaves you feeling ashamed. Yes, you worry about your child's future, but you worry about you too! Constant feelings of failure chip away at your self-esteem. You are exhausted and feel alone because no one else could possibly understands how hard this is for you.

I am sure you have heard that saying, "put your own oxygen mask on first." If you don't get help to work through the personal issues that challenge your parenting, you will continue to suffer, as will your relationship with your child. Your own emotions will surge at unexpected times. They will nag at you when your child is not being challenged at school. You will erupt in anger when your child is misunderstood and swell with anxiety as you lie in bed worrying about the future.

Counseling for Gifted Students' Parents Provides Hope:

You long for peace and to shed the crippling worry that makes you question everything you do as a parent. Most importantly, you long to find yourself again after all of this chaos.

I will help you understand your hang-ups from the past that trigger you with your child. We will then begin to change the way you tell your story. You will learn the value of self-compassion, acceptance and tenderness, moving you away from pain and suffering. In turn, breaking the cycle of pain will change the way you are with your child, for the better.

Together we will face the feelings of exhaustion, fear, sadness, envy, resentment, guilt, anger, loneliness and the trauma of parenting a gifted or 2e child. You will experience what it is like to feel understood and to talk to yourself in a more loving and kind way. You will learn movement-based exercises to help strengthen your nervous system for a greater sense of calm. I will guide you to set the boundaries you need in your home to manage the emotional intensities and protect your sense of self.

As the parent of three twice exceptional young adult daughters, I have been where you are now. You do not have to be there alone.

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