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" Abby is a truly gifted family therapist with decades of experience helping children and families through their darkest days, and the courage to bring both her humanity and expertise to her sessions everyday. I got to know Abby over the course of a full-year intensive training program for helpers who support parents, and she has since become one of the colleagues that I trust most to go to for professional consultation about my own work with clients. The amazing work she is doing to help parents become the healers in their families is inspiring, and so needed in the world. Her demonstrated lifelong commitment and specialization in teaching parents new ways of understanding their children's most challenging behaviors, combined with her sensitivity and awareness that parents of children with big behaviors are seeking practical tools and strategies that actually work, make her one of my favorite clinicians to refer clients to. You and your family are in good hands with Abby! "

Gina Kanagawa, LMFT, ATR

Being With Advanced Practitioner

"Not that many years ago, we didn't know about ADD/ADHD and autism, and they are only a few of the issues parents are now dealing with. If you are dealing with any of those issues, I strongly recommend that you contact Abby. Abby is an experienced, highly qualified, and knowledgeable family therapist, whose dedication to her work has helped numerous families achieve a harmonious home life that for too many people has been just a dream. Talk to Abby, she can help. "

Jim Osterhout

Reliv International

"She taught me a lot about the scientific background that explains why my brain functions the way it does. She brings a very warm caring energy and I don't even feel judged by her. I appreciate her especially during my most intense emotions when I feel I need to express myself and she has always figured out a day and time to accommodate." 


"Abigail has a whole array of powerful tools and strategies for parents of children who have challenging behavior. As a parent, I hear her deep caring and knowledge of how to connect and communication effectively with children. Any parent of a child with behavior they don't understand or find difficult is in good hands with Abigail."

Rita Desnoyers-Garcia

Becoming Awake

"This time in the history of this country, we need family therapists available in every town, city, county! S. Abigail McCarrel is providing Arcadia this much-needed service. Good on her!"
Rita Hart

Simple As 123

"Abby is a warm, highly skilled, creative, and insightful psychotherapist. I highly recommend her!"Gail Post

Gail Post, Ph.D.

"Abigail facilitates the transformation of families with her magic brush of knowledge, experiences, resources, and compassion. Her integration of Occupational Therapy, Family Therapy, System-approaches is so masterful and hard to find. "

Yi Z Martins

Yi Zhao Martins, LMFT, Couples Therapist, Mediator, Reunification Therapist, Published Author

"Abigail's work with children, as well as with the whole family is extremely important. She brings peace and understanding to the family members where ultimately the whole family feels better. "
Suzana Roclord

Suzana Roclord Coaching

"She was well spoken of and will definitely use her service or recommend her when the need arises."

Sally Jo May

Sally Jo May Juice Plus+

"I highly recommend Abby as a skilled therapist. She has a warm and intuitive approach while also being an expert in supporting the entire family system in a holistic way. I appreciate her integration of the mind-body connection and also providing psycho-educational support and practical tools. "

Erica Lima

Sunset Trauma Therapy and Consultation

Abby is an expert in strengthening family identity, fostering connections, enhancing communication, and cultivating a thriving family culture. With her extensive experience, she equips parents with effective tools to address challenging behaviors in their children, empowering them to navigate parenthood with confidence and love. I highly recommend connecting with a heart-centered practitioner who is passionate about seeing positive results. "

Brandon Drake


"Co-regulation is such an important skill for strong family cohesiveness and Abigail creates space for these skills to be strengthened and built upon."

Reuben Chavira

Pasadena NeuroFeedback

"Abigail is an experienced and highly competent family therapist. I particularly appreciate her focus on helping the family rather than identifying the child as the problem. Her Brain Balance approach resolves the root issues as well as supporting the family with problem solving. I highly recommend Abigail Mc Carrell for families with gifted children, children with ADHD, and highly sensitive children. "

Laura Ruaro

Dr. Laura Ruaro

"Abby’s decades of experience and accumulated wisdom are invaluable. It’s such a gift to find someone with her skills and wealth of knowledge. I look forward to recommending others to her beautiful practice."

Kim Olas

Health for All Creatures

Abby has a special interest in parenting with really unique and valuable tools for parents. Add that to a heart that knows parents need help through the many challenges they face, and you have someone the planet desperately needs! "

Brenda Miller

The Kid Code, Conscious Parenting

"Abby has the Three C’s: compassion, curiosity, and commitment. She is a highly experienced, knowledgeable, and insightful family therapist who offers her clients the highest standards of practice. With her decades of experience in community, private practice, and in-home settings, she brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to her clients. Additionally, Abi integrates her knowledge of affective neurobiology into her work with kids and families in a beautiful way. If you’re seeking a wonderful family therapist, she’s the one!"

Jason Wildman

Jason Wildman, LCSW, SEP

"Yes! Abby is an incredible family therapist! "

Lois Letchford

Lois Letchford

"Abby is a natural at her job, she draws from a wealth of clinical and personal experience and she continues to educate herself through ongoing training and certification. She takes a whole-family approach that is evidence-based, empowering and actually works! If you are a parent and wanting to make family life with your highly sensitive or gifted child more harmonious, call Abby. She knows her stuff and will equip you with the tools necessary to create a happier, healthier home."

Natalie Moore, LMFT

Space for Growth Therapy Pasadena

"I had the pleasure of meeting Abigail today over an in-person luncheon. She is a very patient and well-rounded psychotherapist. I love how she offers Primitive Reflex Integration. I see that this is a very useful tool to have as a family therapist. I definitely recommend Abigail for any therapist need. I believe any children and family will benefit from her therapy sessions. "

Czarina Bernett

KidZ Synergy LLC

"Years of experience speak volumes, and then you add professionalism, relatability and passion for change you have a therapist like S. Abigail McCarrel from Welcome Home Family Therapy. Why go any where else? This is a one-stop for online therapy that will help you through family trauma, child-parent conflict and/or any other parenting need. "

Carla Michelle

Dr. Carla Inc., Professional Coaching & Consulting

"They are familiar with the counter-intuitive specialized field of parental alienation which is difficult to observe from an outsider's perspective unless you have specialized experience in attachment disorder (and cluster B personality disorders), specifically enmeshed attachment and how it can obliterate a child's healthy outcome."

Akiyo Hattori

Parental Alienation Consultant

"Having a gifted child can lead to a host of challenging behaviors and Abigail is highly experienced in this area. In addition, she has a lot valuable experience with traumatized children who've needed help from residential group home facilities. This is such important work and I will be recommending my clients to Abigail for help with these issues. "

Leslie Howell

Amicable Divorce Services, APLC

"Abby cares deeply about insuring the foundations for relationships between parents and kids is strong, and meets fundamental needs that are oft looked over. She has a kind and intelligent methodology that is tangible, that honors how humans are built, from the ground up. She is a lifelong learner, with a wide swath of skills, that addresses ways of being close to kids, including kids that have extraordinary needs of one kind or another. I highly encourage working with her."

Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC

Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC at

"I have known Abigail for two decades. She is a very talented therapist. I have always been impressed with her skills. She has worked with and helped a large number of clients. She is very experienced and takes advantage of numerous trainings to keep current in the field as the field evolves. I highly recommend Abigail."

Cara Stearns Entz, LMFT

"Abigail has a wealth of knowledge and incredible insights on parenting and healing family bonds. She is truly an amazing woman. I highly recommend her."

Ann Fitzpatrick

Serenity Yoga

"I highly recommend Abigail. She's very devoted and has a great system in helping children with needs to make sure that life is easier and smoother not only for the children but as well as the parents. "

Lara Sinanian

Team Heros

I highly recommend Abigail as a Family Therapist! Her dedication and passion for her work shine through in everything she does. If you're in search of a skilled and compassionate Family Therapist, look no further than Abigail. 

Jane Hyman

Abigail is a skilled, and highly informed mental health professional. Her knowledge and compassion will benefit children, parents and families desiring guidance. 

Michelle R. Kobayashi

Singin' In The Rain Therapy 

Abigail provided some much-needed feedback for parents like myself that hadn't received healthy self-regulation techniques and through neuroscience she teaches us how to reincorporate those things through targeted kinetic exercises that help combine body and brain functionality to help reestablish that missing link. 

Frances Fomai, Author

S. Abigail McCarrel is a skilled, empathetic, and astute therapist. Her range and experience in helping children and families is vast. Abby works to heal the underline trauma so that people can move forward in their lives in a positive way. I would highly recommend this therapist.

Ann Garrett, Author

Abby, is truly gifted in helping families overcome struggles. She comes with years of training and experience. I wish that I had met her during the season we were struggling with our kids. She offers a free introductory session that will help you decide if you're a fit. I believe it's definitely worth checking it out.

Janice Obee 
Life Insurance Agent

"You must be such an incredibly effective healer-especially boldened with how introspective, beautifully reflective, and committed to lifelong healing you are-even when it can be painful.

Proud of you and the mended gaps you've manifested through this work, contributing to the increased levels of bliss and understanding within your direct family, as well as the quality of service you're able to consciously and subconsciously provide for your clients."

Amanda Bracaj 
Addictions and Mental Health Counselor

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