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Welcome Home Family Therapy Helps Stressed-Out Parents

Who knew parenting would be so difficult that you no longer recognize yourself or your family due to out-of-control conflicts? It can leave you feeling physically and emotionally depleted, defeated, isolated, and hopeless.

Welcome Home Family Therapy is the answer for stressed-out parents, especially those with complex and challenging kiddos. And meeting online can even help with in-the-moment problem-solving.

I’m Abby McCarrel, LCSW, DCSW and I offer nonjudgmental, respectful, and effective solutions that help your family now and over the long haul. I’ll guide you through movement-based, hands-on problem-solving that gets underneath the issues and calms your nervous system.

Ready to bring peace to your house and your family back together?

Then take my hand. I’m an expert in family therapy and I work with the whole family, including extended family and support systems. A healthy family identity will flow from developing closer family ties. As your confidence increases, challenging episodes will decrease.

Together we’ll work to calm the big emotions, improve communication, create connections and safety in relationships, and solve family problems. You can become the healer in your home.


Brain-Based Parent Coaching Therapy:

You are a parent of a complex and challenging child and you want to understand and use the latest brain science to become the healer in your home.


Online Therapy for Parents and Families:

Parents and families are busier than ever and it only makes sense to have your family therapist come into your home with the convenience of online therapy.


Family Therapy for Gifted Children:

If your child or family member is gifted, you know that brings unique challenges to the family. I am a certified provider with SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted).

Counseling for Gifted Students’ Parents:

As the parent of a gifted student, you may be losing your grip on life and yourself in the mix. I will help you put your oxygen mask on first.


Family Trauma Therapy:

When bad things happen in a family, parents can feel isolated and unsure about what to do. I help families through to the other side of devastating situations.


Post-Adoption Family Therapy:

Long after the adoption papers are signed, the adoption does not feel like it is over. I work to help adoptive families strengthen family ties, because it is never too late to bond with your child.

"Abigail facilitates the transformation of families with her magic brush of knowledge, experiences, resources, and compassion. Her integration of Occupational Therapy, Family Therapy, System-approaches is so masterful and hard to find."

Yi Z MartinsYi Zhao Martins, LMFT, Couples Therapist, Mediator, Reunification Therapist, Published Author

Become the Healer in Your Family

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