Family counseling for a more connected family.


Free Phone Consultation:

This free phone consultation may take up to an hour. I will walk you through a decision tree, stopping along the way to see what you think and answer your questions.

This free phone phone consultation is our first opportunity to see if I am a good match for your therapy needs. I want to make sure that you feel comfortable with me, that I offer the kind of therapy you are looking for, and have confidence that I can help. By the end of our conversation, you will be 100% sure of your next step.

  • We'll discuss what is bringing you and/or your family to therapy at this point in time
  • What options you have tried in the past
  • We will explore your goals for you and/or your family in treatment and the frequency of sessions
  • I will tell you about how I work and invite your reflections
  • I will thoroughly go over my fees and forms of payment. I don't want therapy to be a financial burden for you at any time.
  • If it looks like we want to move forward, we will schedule an Initial Intake appointment using a secure, online video platform.  I will gather your emails to invite you to set up your encrypted online client portal, inside my electronic health system.

60/90-Minute Initial Intake Session $210/$225

In our first "face-to-face" meeting, your initial questionnaire will help inform a more in-depth discussion.
This initial intake session has the benefit of giving us one more opportunity to assess the goodness of fit. It is important that you feel comfortable with me as your therapist, and if you are doing family therapy, it is essential you meet me before I am introduced to your children. At the conclusion of the online, initial intake session, we will know each other quite a bit better. If you would like to continue in therapy with me, we will confirm your next appointment, and begin weekly sessions.
  • We will go deeper into your concerns, the problems in your family, and your goals for treatment. I will go over the four major risk factors if you are starting family therapy.
  • We will begin the process of reviewing all the in initial paperwork, to ensure you have a complete understanding of how we will be working together. This will include documents sent to you inside your online, client portal; demographic information, informed consent documents, and payment information. Additionally, a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) document, based on the 2022 federal law, The No Surprises Act, will be reviewed for complete financial transparency.

60/90-Minute Online Family Therapy $210/$225

I take my unique approach to meeting client families where they are, into the home. I do this via an encrypted, secure video platform.
Family therapy with me will increase your confidence as a parent, help regulate everyone's nervous systems, repair ruptures in relationships, and increase connection between parents and kids. When you work with me, families grow a greater sense of safety and peace in the family. This will bring a sense of relief, greater hope, and the comfort, knowing you are no longer alone.

Ninety-minute sessions

  • Consists of a parent session and a family session.
  • I provide guidance and parent education unique to your specific family in the parent session and hands-on, real-time coaching in the family session.

Sixty-minute sessions

  • Reserved for parent-only sessions, when it is not conducive to include the children.
  • We will explore the barriers and triggers that are getting in the way of parents showing up for their kids, in ways they want to, and that fit with their values.
  • I help parents switch their parenting lens to a more present and compassionate approach, incorporating new relationship-based parenting tools and strategies.
  • I educate families about the brain, bringing information from the interpersonal neuroscience. This includes learning about primitive, reflex integration, a somatic, movement-based program to increase a sense of calm in the nervous system, and overall better organization in the brain.
  • You will learn that all behavior makes sense and I will help you make sense of those big, baffling behaviors.
  • Families will participate in family therapy activities geared towards increasing family connection, trust, and communication.

50-Minute Online Therapy for Adults/Teens $165

My individual sessions for older teens and adults are for those folks who struggle with emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, and organization. You may be easily frustrated, quick to temper, or overwhelmed by distractions. You just can't seem to get ahead of your emotions and feel like you are always getting in your own way. As a result, you have a pretty mean inner voice, that tends to shame and blame. You don't know how to get out of this negative cycle and you have had enough. In the end, we will strive to increase your regulation, connect you to yourself or others, and bring more safety to your nervous system, so you can journey towards the life that you desire with more ease.
  • When we work together, you will learn about your amazing brain, and gain appreciation for how hard it is working to keep you safe. My work is drawn from the interpersonal neurosciences, where we will explore the connection between your body, mind, and relationships.
  • Through breath work, mindfulness, grounding, somatic brain-balancing exercises, and primitive reflex integration strategies, we will strive to make life easier for you.
  • We will also explore your negative beliefs about yourself, traveling back together to figure out how previous experiences and traumas may be impacting you now. We will rewrite those old, false stories about yourself with a more truthful, kind voice.
  • With compassion and understanding, I will give your painful stories space to be seen and heard, so you feel less alone.
  • In this safe, non-judgmental place, we will create solutions together where I gently hold you accountable. Yes, you will be assigned weekly homework and brain-balancing exercises.
  • We will work to calm your big feelings, transform your self-view, and deeply connect to your body and your mind.
  • In the end, we will strive to increase your regulation, connect you to yourself or others, and bring more safety to your nervous system, so you can journey towards the life that you desire with more ease.

Let's see if my Family and Individual Therapy Services are a fit for you or your family. Here is a list of the variety of offerings my practice provides. I would love to hear about your unique situation and work with you to co-create a plan for healing.

Family Constellations:

  • Non-traditional families
  • Traditional families
  • Extended families
  • Blended families
  • Stepfamilies
  • Single parent families
  • LGBTQIA+ families
  • Families with an incarcerated parent
  • Grandparent/caregiver families
  • Adoptive families
  • Foster to adopt families
  • Kinship families

Family Concerns:

  • Family communication
  • Family conflicts
  • Family stress
  • Family crisis
  • Family trauma
  • Parenting
  • Discipline
  • Transitions
  • Separations
  • Attachment
  • Launching
  • Parent/child conflicts
  • Developmental crisis
  • Family life cycle
  • Caregiving
  • Shifting roles and boundaries
  • Family bereavement
  • Family rituals and mythology
  • Family routine, structure, rules
  • Technology and the family

Children’s Behavior:

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Over excitabilities
  • Emotional intensities
  • Asynchronous development
  • Tantrums
  • ADHD
  • Social problems
  • Social skills
  • School problems
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Sensory integration delay
  • Acting out of character

Emotional Concerns for Children:

  • Giftedness/ twice-exceptional
  • Neurodiversity
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child physical abuse
  • Child neglect

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Difficult situations with children:

  • Self-protective skills (healthy touch)
  • Bullying
  • Trauma
  • Adoption
  • Loss/grief
  • Scapegoating
  • School Fit
  • Technology
  • Social skills

Parenting/adult concerns:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insecurity
  • Guilt/shame
  • Overwhelm/stress
  • Loss/transitions
  • Parent guidance/education


  • I have a subspecialty in Post-Adoption Family Therapy for those families on that life-long journey.
  • I have completed training from SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) and am a certified SENG Parent Support Group Facilitator. You will find my professional listing with SENG here.
  • For parents of complex, often gifted students, I offer individual therapy to support them in the challenging journey of parenting.
  • LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy is a core value of my practice.

Working with me is convenient and easy. Let's connect!

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