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Family Therapy for Gifted Children

You love your gifted child. You are excited to see what their giftedness will bring. Some days, though, you start to wonder if you are providing the kind of parenting your gifted child really needs. How can you prepare this bright child for the future when they seem to lack common sense? You are exhausted by the intensity and overexcitabilities with a child that out thinks you at every step?

You are exhausted. Asynchronous development contributes to a world of half-done homework, teachers who run the other direction and a child that is not academically challenged. Lagging social and emotional skills only feed your fears and doubts about launching your complicated child. Now throw Covid-19 into the mix and everything you thought you had a handle on has been turned upside down. I am now bringing my unique family therapy sessions online, directly to the convenience of your own home.

Don't Go It Alone with your Gifted Child!

I work intensely with everyone in the family to understand the unique challenges of your gifted child.  I believe the family is the solution. I help parents learn how to use giftedness as a strength to support social and emotional relationships, to help children thrive in the world and bring peace to the home.

We will work on creating nurturing relationships between you and your gifted child, as we tackle overexcitabilities and intensities. I use a trust-based parenting model which focuses on compassion and understanding, healthy limit setting with workable routines. We will focus on using the strengths of your family to improve communication skills and create solutions to unsolved problems. Brain balancing movements will be taught to strengthen the nervous system and increase calm. We will establish rituals and traditions rich with a healthy family culture to celebrate giftedness. Your family deserves to be celebrated.


My Own Gifted Life:

I have completed training from SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) and am a certified SENG Parent Support Group Facilitator. You will find my professional listing with SENG here.

I am also the parent of three gifted young adult daughters. I have walked a path parallel to yours.

Become the Healer in Your Family

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