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Family Therapy: When Bad Stuff Happens

Family Therapy is the answer when bad stuff happens. Things in your family were humming along, though imperfectly. You couldn’t have predicted the future, but then, “it” happened and everything went sideways.

Everyone in your family has a different way of coping when bad stuff happens. Children become worried and confused when families go through a rough time. You become overwhelmed and distracted by thoughts and feelings you just can’t seem to shake. You wonder when things will get back to normal? Will things ever get back to normal? Can we find a new normal where we are not a complete mess?

During these unsettling times, you may feel like you are living in a dream. Or, more likely, a nightmare, from which you may never wake up. Horrible situations have a way of hijacking your mind, making it difficult to complete even simple tasks. You may not even recognize a picture of your family right now or realize that you need help.

Picture This:

You do not have to go through this alone. I gently work with family members to talk about what has happened and how difficult situations affect everyone. As we face the challenges in your family, I will help you move through the grief process, learn healthy coping skills and turn hurtful messages around. This will clear the way for more empathy, compassion and healing.

Since stigma, pain and suffering often thrive in silence, I welcome and encourage everyone impacted by the traumatic event or situation to join us for family therapy. If it would be helpful, even extended family and family friends or other folks in your support network, are invited to attend. Long after I am done working with your family, I want you have a plan in place to feel supported to face life’s challenges with confidence. Too many families these days are going it alone.

To make conversations easier for everyone and more understandable for the little ones, I teach positive communication skills. Through family therapy activities and homework assignments, we will work on increasing understanding, closeness and connection, and mend family wounds.  Brain balancing movements will be taught to strengthen the brain for a greater sense of calm. We will strive to heal broken relationships and build a strong sense of family identity and culture. No longer will you be defined by this terrible situation that hijacked your family.

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