Family counseling for a more connected family.

Behind every young
child who believes in
herself is a parent
who believed first.

-Matthew L. Jacobson

Online Family Therapy Helps Stressed-Out Parents

Providing online therapy to parents and families.

Online Family Therapy is the answer for

  • Stressed-out parents.
  • You have complex and challenging kiddos.
  • Your family is on the edge and stressed.
  • You are losing your mind with meltdowns, arguments, back-talk, and big feelings.
  • You just can’t keep up appearances anymore, pretending that everything is alright.
  • You no longer recognize yourself or your family due to out-of-control family conflicts.

Take My Hand: Family Therapy

Ready to bring peace to your house and your family back together?

Then take my hand. I’m an expert in family therapy and I work with the whole family, including extended family and support systems. A healthy family identity will flow from developing closer family ties. As your confidence increases, challenging episodes will decrease.

Together we’ll work to calm the big emotions, improve communication, create connections and safety in relationships, and solve family problems. You can become the healer in your home.

Serving all communities online throughout California.

Difficult Situations With Children:

  • Self-protective skills (healthy touch)
  • Bullying
  • Trauma
  • Adoption
  • Loss/grief
  • Scapegoating
  • School Fit
  • Technology
  • Social skills

Parenting/Adult Concerns:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insecurity
  • Guilt/shame
  • Overwhelm/stress
  • Loss/transitions
  • Parent guidance/education

"Abby is an expert in strengthening family identity, fostering connections, enhancing communication, and cultivating a thriving family culture. With her extensive experience, she equips parents with effective tools to address challenging behaviors in their children, empowering them to navigate parenthood with confidence and love. I highly recommend connecting with a heart-centered practitioner who is passionate about seeing positive results."

- Brandon DrakeHealthy Data Guy

"Genuine and caring, Abigail lives out her calling by helping others. She equips parents and children and explores and implements new practices to facilitate true progress and healing. I encourage parents to reach out to Abigail and trust her meaningful and effective work."

- Lisa Wong

Abby is a truly gifted family therapist with decades of experience helping children and families through their darkest days, and the courage to bring both her humanity and expertise to her sessions everyday. I got to know Abby over the course of a full-year intensive training program for helpers who support parents, and she has since become one of the colleagues that I trust most to go to for professional consultation about my own work with clients. The amazing work she is doing to help parents become the healers in their families is inspiring, and so needed in the world. Her demonstrated lifelong commitment and specialization in teaching parents new ways of understanding their children's most challenging behaviors, combined with her sensitivity and awareness that parents of children with big behaviors are seeking practical tools and strategies that actually work, make her one of my favorite clinicians to refer clients to. You and your family are in good hands with Abby! 

-  Gina Kanagawa, LMFT, ATR
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Become the Healer in Your Family

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