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Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon

The Minnow Would Be Lost!

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale; a tale of a fateful trip......Ahh, come on. You know the rest! Join me at Malibu Lagoon and we will play that broken record together.          
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Looking through green palm branches to a beach chair resting alone on a sandy beach on a Connected Family Fun, LA: Malibu Lagoon homework assignment from Family Therapy.Who would have guessed that we have our own little tropic "island" nest, right here in LA? Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon does! Let's take a tour. It might take three hours. As your family travels to the coast, you will find Malibu Lagoon State Beach just north of the Malibu Pier, along Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu Creek meets the Pacific Ocean at this magical spot to create a unique saltwater marsh and shallow water estuary.
Long sandy beach with the ocean on the left and a lagoon on the right with people walking on a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon afternoon activity.A huge leaning green leafed pam tree with lagoon in background and blue sho on sandy beach during Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon time.

Castaways at Malibu Lagoon

When your passengers and crew become castaways at Malibu Lagoon, they certainly won't be without luxury.
This state park, which is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, is full of family-friendly activities for your Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon adventure.

Let's Dive In For......

An elevated brown wood deck leans over a marsh area with deep blue sky on a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon afternoon with the family. Mother mallard duck with five duckings swim in a green marshy lagoon at Malibu Lagoon. Sandy beach boarders a marshy lagoon with green trees on a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon assignment for family therapy. Circular aqua and pick colored tide pool with green seaweed around the edge on a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon kid-friendly activity. White ceramic coffee cup with black lettering in a square stating "Malibu Farm; Fresh, Organic, Local," being enjoyed on a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon meal.  

Let's Connect

Sign for the Adamson House made of yellow and blue tiles describing information for families to visit on the Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon family counseling assignment.

The Adamson House:

The Adamson House is a destination all by itself and is a fun addition to your family's staycation. You can learn all about the history of this Malibu Lagoon treasure by visiting the official website  I suggest taking the time with your children to casually stroll around the outside of the home. Colorful tile fountain with blue-green water on a patio with palm trees and beach in the background during a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon day trip. The garden areas outside are dotted with information signs, enlightening visitors to tidbits of history and quaint stories. To connect with your little ones, encourage them to read the signs to you. As a parent, this gives you a great opportunity to build up your child's self-confidence in reading out loud. As someone who is severely dyslexic and struggled with reading growing up, reading out loud was a nightmare. I wish I had been encouraged to practice doing so more as a child. Reading these self-guided tour signs is a beautiful opportunity to praise and encourage your child, Yellow tiled sign stating, "Welcome to the Adamson House," with information about the history of the house with blue decorated tiles around the outside on a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon beach day family therapy outing.which will help to fill your trust bank. Check out my blog describing my adventure to Topanga Canyon to learn more about your trust bank with your child. Building trust builds connections!

Countdown to School:

Since I have touched on academic life, I have a few suggestions to help children feel confident and connected to parents and family as they head back to school. In many families, saying goodbye can trigger all sorts of unhappiness and anxiety. For families with foster or adopted children, saying goodbye can be even more difficult, due to traumatic separations in the past.   A star-shaped fountain covered in colorful tiles on a green lawn with palm trees, overlooking the ocean for a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon exercise for Family Therapy  


You can practice saying goodbye while you are on your Connected Family Fun; Malibu Lagoon adventure. Tell your little ones thatSpanish-style house with cobble stone courtyard, surrounded by green trees on a family counseling assignment from Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon. you are going to practice saying goodbye to get ready for the first day of school. As you move from sign to sign at the Adamson House, develop a goodbye routine that you can repeat on school days. It may start with a hug saying something like, " I love you so much and I know you love me. Have a wonderful day and I will see you at 3:00."


While walking along Surfrider Beach, next to Malibu Lagoon, look for a seashell or small rock to collect. You can use it as a reminder of your time together. Give your child the treasure in the The sun is setting the the beach as people walk along the sand with waves crashing and clouds building in the distance at the end of the day on a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon special day.morning, then collect it upon their return from school. I also suggest keeping a picture of your family in your child's backpack as a reminder that you will be together again.


While you are picnicking at Malibu Lagoon's Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, share some of the stories that you loved about going to school. Of course, your child might express worries about the Long tall ocean pier with people walking and Malibu Farms Cafe at the end, a with building with a red roof on a Connected Family Fun, LA; Malibu Lagoon Family Counseling homework school year. It will be helpful to let them know this is normal for all kids. Make sure your child know how they can reach you if necessary. Most importantly, remind them that even though they cannot see you, your love for them is always with them, no matter where they go and especially at school.   These reassuring steps will help make the transition back to school a more calm and connected transition for you and your children.

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