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How Family Therapy Can Help During This Lingering Covid Crisis

It has been almost a year since the world changed with the Covid-19 virus. After months and months of being locked down, many families are experiencing burnout from being forced to be home together so much. Family therapy during covid may be the answer. While the vaccines are being rolled out, we are still getting mixed reports and messages from the media as to when life might return to normal. Some schools have opened, but many have not. Parents are still scrambling to figure out how to make a living while homeschooling their children. Life is still really hard. All of this has caused many families to feel fatigued and a real strain on their relationships. This is especially the case if your home includes challenging and complex children with neuro diversities like giftedness and asynchronous development.

Family Therapy During Covid: Ensuring Your Family’s Health

Over the past year, many families have taken necessary measures to ensure they remain physically healthy during this time. Making healthy meals (instead of ordering pizza 3 nights a week) and getting the family involved in regular exercise has been a big help. But how can parents ensure they and their children protect their mental health at this time? Family therapy offers each member of your family a safe space to discuss any issues they may be having. A trained therapist can guide your family, helping all of you to understand and utilize the healthiest communication strategies. He or she can also help to validate your feelings and offer helpful stress management techniques.Smiling, Caucasian, female therapist in a blue top sitting at a wooden dining table help parents during a family therapy session for complex, challenging, possibly gifted children during Covid-19. For anyone concerned with the safety of visiting a therapist in person during this time, family therapy can be effective. This is the case even with online therapy. When working online, parent involvement is crucial. If you and your family are struggling right now and would like to explore treatment options, please get in touch with me. I’d be more than happy to discuss how I may be able to help.

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